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Today's marketing world is fast paced. We at Clear View have added tech to our promotional side of marketing. We are ready to help all businesses, influencers, artists and all around creatives make socializing and networking one. Although they are not new we have simplified the process of NFC tap access points (the same as when you pay at the register). Whether it's websites, menus, social media handles, linktree/linkedin, directions, or whatever drives your business, the possibilities are endless. Let's get networking and grow, grow, grow. 

After you purchase you will receive an email to confirm preferences for access point. (please be sure to leave an email) Allow 5-7 Business Days for order

Purchase Includes:

Programming Access Point (Card or Sticker)

Virtual Card Basic : 1-5 Entries/Links

Advanced 6-10 Entries/Links (10 max)

Customization Available (only on card)

Duplicate/Multiple Access Points Contact: